One day a student came to a famous Zen master and asked to be instructed in the teachings of Zen Buddhism. The master invited him to sit and proceeded to discuss the important aspects of Zen. "First let's understand the idea of emptiness," said the master. But the student said, "Oh, I already know about emptiness." The master then said, "Let us then begin with the principles of meditation." But the student said, "I already know about meditation." Finally the master suggested a cup of tea. When the tea was ready, the master poured tea into the student's cup .When the cup was full, the master continued pouring tea, until the tea was overflowing and spilled all over. "Stop!" shouted the student."You can't pour tea into a full cup!" The master said, "That's right—go away and come back when your cup is empty."
-Zen Parable



Chaliceroot was born of Lorraine H. DeLear's visual image of the journey, or rite of passage, into actualization of the true self in daily life. In 1997, Lorraine awoke from an afternoon nap to find herself staring into the mouth of a large golden chalice. She heard the words, “You must first empty your cup”. As her vision cleared, Lorraine understood that a slightly smaller chalice was held within the larger chalice. She saw a clear liquid swirling along the bottom and sides of the smaller inner chalice.

Lorraine interpreted this vision as: one must empty one's self of old belief systems and patterns that no longer serve one in order to make room for one's true self to emerge. She understood that this process could be undertaken in collaboration with, or under the guidance of, someone that had completed the journey.This understanding led her to enroll in the School of Advanced Healing, (now the Victoria Merkle Center for Energy Medicine). Here, she completed the journey of emptying herself (the chalice) of belief systems and energetic patterns that didn't serve her true self. This clearing process allowed Lorraine to root her true self into everyday life, through living as her divine self.

As the founder of chaliceroot and the chaliceroot kitchen programs, Lorraine holds the vision and creates the sacred container for you to empty your chalice and root your true self into daily life. As you empty your self of outdated belief systems and let go of energetic patterns that no longer serve you, you begin to live your life in a different way. Your true self begins to emerge.

The chaliceroot kitchen programs offer teaching and healing sessions to groups within natural settings. Techniques are offered to help root your spirituality into your daily life. Cooking together is an integral part of the process. (How can you expect to create peace in the world unless you can co-create and co-exist with your friends and extended family?)

We invite you to explore our philosophy and programs. Feel free to browse our website and email us with any questions. Our Forum has been created as a community tool to facilitate support, sharing and exchange of ideas and experiences. Energy Medicine Practitioners and those interested in the energy fields are welcomed to share their insights.


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,
There is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
Doesn't make any sense.